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Stand Up Paddle Boarding Maldives

Stand Up Paddle Boarding - Maldives

The experience you get when you visit Maldives is mind blowing. Maldives is a great place to visit for vacations and holidays. It is actually a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. These island when looked upon geographically, these islands form circular structures. These structures have been named as atolls. There are a total of 26 atolls. The islands which form these atolls are 1200 in number. 220 islands are occupied by the local people of Maldives and 88 islands are solely for tourism. Other islands are kept isolated by the government to either preserve them or some might be dangerous to visit. Maldives is divided on the basis of these atolls only. Millions visit Maldives per annum. The tourists get attracted by the beauty of the islands. There are so many places to visit in Maldives and countless things to do there.

There are so many normal activities to do in Maldives like shopping, place viewing, historical tours, etc. But what makes it special is its marine activities. These activities include so many sports things to do like diving, submarine ride, surfing, fishing, SUP Boarding, etc. Here we will discuss about one such sport and that is Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Maldives:

Paddle boarding is best option to experience the beauty of sea. For Stand Up Paddle Boarding Maldives ( SUP) is the best destination  to visit, as all the atolls of maldives are surrounded by the unique colour coral reefs and calw shallow turquoise water that flow with the every tides which are rising. As the water of the sea in Maldives is so much crystal clear that you can experience the underwater life too. You will see the different species of fishes which are seen below your paddle board. 

This type of activity is latest trend in every watersports. Stand up paddle boarding  commonly known as “SUP”. The origin of stand up paddle boarding is similar to the surfing, it is the unique watersports which allows you to enjoy boarding on the rising waves in the turquoise water and at your own pace you can paddle comfortable through the water. This unique activity provides you a best core workout along with enjoying the beauty of Maldives 

This watersport is common at the Meeru where you can see more clear turquoise lagoon which encircle the island. By stand up paddle boarding your fitness can be increased and along with this you can see the beautiful scenario of marine life, coral reefs, stunning Indian Ocean and warm water. This ride is for maximum 2 persons and the duration of this ride is about 60 minutes. Sunset Stand-Up Paddle

You can see the beauty of sunset amd explore the mesmerising scenario at Meeru with stand up paddle boarding. 

From the activity of standing up position,everyone can see through the crystal clear water perfectly. Stingrays, coral reefs, small black tip sharks, swimming marine mammals and awesome sea turtles. Protection from the swell is mainly served by the inside of every atoll , so the flat watervia found  inside of the islands. Wind is  the main factor for stand up paddle boarding  as the  direction of wind take you to the right place . While paddling you can see fish  clearly and as the water is  turquoise especially in the shallow areas and you can see the breathtaking view of changing of clear water into this magical dark blue in the deep. 

Thus, in Maldives you enjoy such a wonderful sport and this makes your visit even more fun and adventurous. You must keep this experience of Stand Up Paddle Boarding Maldives ( SUP) on your list when you visit Maldives. Adventure lovers definitely want this type of sport when they are on a trip or vacation.

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