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Nala Boutique Maldives

Nala Boutique - Maldives

Maldives is a very famous country for hosting tourists. It is an independent economically and is considered to be one of the most beautiful island country. Island country is the which consists of islands. It is an independent country having its well defined land and  territorial waters. The most beautiful, popular and busy with tourists island nation in whole of the Asia is the Country Maldives. The countries closest to Maldives in the region of Asia are India and Sri Lanka. It takes lesser time to reach maldives from sri lanka by air, and a bit more time from India. Geographic design of the islands in Maldives is very beautiful. They are arranged in such a way that they form atolls.  It consists of many atolls. Atolls are made by these ring shaped design of islands grouped together in Indian Ocean. Some of these atolls are totally isolated as the government wants to preserve their natural beauty or they are dangerous.Maldives consists of 1192 islands out of which we can explore only 300. This country is divided on the basis of atolls which are around 26 in number. You can have approach to only 11 atolls but these 11 atolls consists of 100’s of beautiful islands.

Apart from the geography, Maldives is famous for it providing a great shopping experience. There are many markets, malls and stores which give you a great experience of shopping. Some shopping centre in Maldives never sleep and thus you will be able to do your shopping in the mid night as well. There are many famous boutiques. One among such shopping places is the Nala Boutique.

Nala Boutique :

Nala Boutique is located in the popular resorts of Male (north male atoll) , at Kurumba vihamanafushi . Here you can find the great ratio of quality of price. Particularly you can find large and unique variety of crafts, clothing, swimwear, linens, beach accessories and toiletries. We can reach easily this Nala Boutique by speedboat from the Male. This boutique is open from morning 7am to 9pm. Here you find the expensive and elegant collection of dresses, accessories that can fascinate you truly. It is the most popular shop for clothes in Maldives. Here you will dee fashionable product for girls apparel , men and kids. Major specialities of Nala Boutique are:

● Fashion apparels

● Maldivian design clothing 

● Best coconut oil

● Most elegant and stylish beachwear.

● Jewellery 

● Beach toys

The collection of elegant and expensive dresses and accessories will surely fascinate you at Nala Boutique. It is situated inside the Kurumba Maldives Resort which is one of the popular gift and clothing shop in Maldives. From beach toys, kids dress, to women apparels, the shop has every fashion item you need. It is a posh boutique as its resort is also elegant and luxurious. We can reach this resort safety and easily by speedboat which is about 35 minutes away from the male. This is the main inspiration for entrepreneurs. You will find the best gifts and mementos. Here you can see different and unique varieties of coconut lines. 

Nala Boutique is the first ideal gift shop in Maldives where you can find anything. While shopping at nala boutique, friendly assistance will help you throughout the time you spend at this shop. In other souvenirs shop products are not easily found, but in nala boutique we will find each product easily. In maldives we explore all the islands, so for that beach dress are in demand in Maldives. Here you can find many types of beach dresses. Everyone visit Nala Boutique to buy large variety of beach apparels. 

This was all about the Nala Boutique. Thus, you must keep a visit to this place on your list when you plan to visit Maldives for a long vacation.

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