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Adventure Tour Packages Maldives

Maldives is a chain of beautiful islands where are famous for hosting millions of tourists every year. There are a total of 1200 islands which stretch for over 750 kms across the Indian ocean. These are actually islands which are geographically grouped into rings called atolls. The total number of atolls is 26. The geography of Maldives is very complicated. Out of these 1200 islands, only 200 are occupied by the local Maldivians. 88 are occupied for the tourists and others are not allowed to visit. There are many reason for this like they are not safe and also the government want to preserve the natural beauty of these islands by just keeping a few open for tourist visit.

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Maldives have become the major tourist attraction and we provide one of the best tour packages for Maldives. There are different packages available for Maldives. Some of these packages are Family tour packages, honeymoon tour packages, adventure packages and many more. Here we will discuss our Maldives Adventure tour packages. 


These packages include your all the necessities you need to while on your trip. To spend your holidays comfortably and have a lot of fun with your friends, you must choose this package available for Maldives. This includes your travelling, lodging and transportation. Apart from this, the adventure packages includes the following things to do and places to visit.

● Whale Shark Point:

Southern part of Maldives in Ari atoll is a restricted area for marine as there are whale sharks present. These sharks are about 40 feet long and 20 tons in weight. Despite being sharks, they are far from dangerous. We are able to snorkel with three types of whales which  are very friendly Oceanic creatures. Thus, at this point, you can excursion with these whales and have the most thrilling experiences.

● Scuba Diving:

Scuba diving is the most thrilling and adventurous sport of Maldives. During the dives, you will be able to see the marine life of Maldives. The most popular among them are octopuses, reef sharks, turtles, puffer fish, etc. You will be provided with 8 complete dives to enjoy this adventurous excursion.

● Renting a private Island:

Sandbank tour is a breathtaking adventure one should never miss in lifetime. Maldives have the facilities for you to rent a private island for a day. It is just like you have been given keys to the sandbank and you are the owner of it all. It can be a great experience for romance, adventure and many other things. You can indulge in many marine activities which will provide you an experience of adventure.

● Manta Ray Snorkel Excursion:

Manta Rays are found on the western side of Maldives and it is their natural habitat. You will experience this lovely habitat by going on an excursion to dive in with the Manta Rays. There are two types of Manta Rays - Ocean Manta Rays and Reef Manta Rays. They are longer in length and diving alongside them will be the best adventure you will find in Maldives.

● Dive Club at Male Island:

The island of male is situated near the capital of Maldives and is a very beautiful island. It provides one of the best experiences for adventure. It consists of a club which provides a great adventurous experience by giving you the best diving experience. It also gives you pleasure to experience scuba diving, fishing, etc.

All the above places will be added to our Maldives Adventure tour packages and these are also customised packages. You can add or delete places according to your own wish. Thus,it completely depends on you and your package that to which places you will visit or you will be taken to.

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