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Karumba Maldives

Karumba - Maldives

Maldives has become a major tourist attraction places in Asia. The beauty of Maldives has gained fame all around the world . Millions and millions of tourists from every corner of  the world visit Maldives. The major portion of tourists who visit Maldives are obviously from Asia as it lies in the territories of the same. The nearest countries which are easily approachable from Maldives are India, China, Sri lanka, Singapore, etc. People from all these countries first think of Maldives over other European tourist countries when they plan a trip because they get everything and even more in Maldives what they could not get in other European countries. In fact, Maldives provides them with a great atmosphere for a perfect vacation. Maldives can be visited with your family, friends or with your loved ones. It gives you the fascination of a perfect and comfortable trip. Maldives is a special collection of beautiful islands and thus, it is called an island country. These islands were formed as a result  of volcanic eruptions which occured thousands of years ago. In Maldives, there are so many beautiful islands to visit. The number is large and thus it is not possible for you to be able to visit all the islands in one visit alone. The beauty of these islands fascinate all the tourists and make them to visit again and again. Maldives has proved to be one of the greatest place for tourists and nowadays it is considered as the major and largest tourist hub throughout the world. 

The nightlife of Maldives is a thing which attracts many tourists. During the night, there are many things to do in Maldives like you can go to bars, clubs, pubs, casinos, and even go for shopping in malls.

Karumba :

In maldives there are all types of swanky bars and luxurious nightclubs which offers best ever experience of nightlife. On this island were we all buzz with revellers along with drinks of your own choice all through the night. In these club you won't sit idle as the DJ plays a number of back to back music that you will rejoice and dance. Especially in the house place of DJs play groovy many songs that make every visitors to swap their arms in the full delight and make them to tap their feet. Many night bars,  discotheques and clubs serve a large premium and special range of liquors and the best features about these drinks here is that, here drinks are served along with their signature and large range of menu is also present which becomes lip smacking dishes with these drinks like cocktail, wine and beer. Thus these drinks complement every dish. Spectacle for senses are created with the synchronised rhythm of many tunes with multicolored lights, so you can't resist dancing. The people of maldives are so friendly that you can forge for a new friendship and mingle with them. 

One of the popular and best place to spend your night at is KURUMBA. Here you can taste the magical life of Maldivians. This place is located at the North Atoll in Male. This North atoll is so much popular for its  nightlife and many tourist here maximum times as it is located in the main hub of Maldives, Male. 

In Kurumba Club and bar you can experience many different and luxurious events with jazz, live bands, full resorts hosted with international and popular DJs. Here you can find large gathering of social guest. In few day at this resort you can explore Maldives in all the shades. The famous event is Boduberu, which is Famous Maldivian dance night held in Kurumba club. Under the open sky you can dance along with soothing waves. You can find some of the best relaxing facilities in Karumba. There you are provided with swimming pools and the wellness spas.

Thus, Karumba must be on your list when you visit Maldives. This place is one of the best place to make you enjoy the nightlife of Maldives to the fullest.

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