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Historical Hike Maldives

Historical Hike - Maldives

Maldives is the world's most beautiful tropical gateway where there are more than two parallel cultures which are operated in the County of Maldives,the tourists resorts  and Sunni Muslims which are local people of maldives. Maldives offers much more trade to European countries and Asia countries. Thus the history of maldives is blessed with many things as its trade line is close of both Europe and Asia. As this country have  a great past and memorable history of freedom struggle, thus we can see many historical places and monuments in Maldives . There are large number of historical sites, buildings, monuments and parks to visit when you are going to Maldives for vacation . The most important and best historical place is the Sultan Park, This is a public park. Which is in the capital Malé, as there we can explore with remains of a royal palace. These places was destroyed in the early 16th century, and the remaining palace  are now in the museum known as National Museum,it is  a three-storey building. All the park and museum in the tropical country Maldives offer a memorable and unique idea which tells more about the heritage and history of the people of Maldives. As the oldest mosque of maldives is Hukuru Miskiy

Some of the popular historical monuments and places in Maldives are: 

National Museum:

This is the  national museum of country Maldives, it is considered as the major attraction located in the small city of Male, which is capital of maldives. The main features of this museum is about its location, as it is located inside a large glorious park which is a public park known as Sultan park. National Museum was once the oldest palace which is now transformed into museum. Here you can see all the ancient, unique and precious belonging of Sultan’s and his generation. 

Hukuru Miskiy Grand Friday Mosque:

This is the most beautiful historic mosque which was built in early 15th century  by 

Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar. This is another major attraction of Maldives. Hukuru miskiy is mainly made of blocks of beautiful coral engraved with unique and exquisite designs. Here you can see Wooden panels  with Arabic prayers, this wooden display attracts many visitors  inside the mosque. Surprisingly it is  still a functional mosque. 

Sultan Park:

It is a public park which was build in 16th century on the side of the Royal Palace grounds. It is situated in the capital of Maldives, Male. Actually, the Royal Palace had three wings out of which two were destroyed and has become park. The one wings which was left safe is now the National Museum which was described above.


Utheemu is the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu. Sultan with his brothers and his companions fought a war against portuguese. This war was for a period of eight years and led  to drive out the Portuguese invaders from Maldives who occupied the Maldives for a long time. He is considered to be a great Sultan and his birthplace is maintained for tourists to visit. 


It is located in the north Male atoll and is an artificial island. There are many historical monuments in hulhumale. One among them is the mosque of Hulhumale. With a golden dome, it can be seen from the main city and is of great religious importance. Millions of tourists visit this place and come to know about the history of Maldives.

All these places were few among the many historical monuments of Maldives. History plays a vital role in the development of every country and while you visit any country, knowing about its history should be the main thing to do and surely attaches you with the country itself.

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