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Emboodhu Finolhu Island Maldives

Emboodhu Finolhu Island - Maldives

Maldives is a very beautiful country that lies in the Indian Ocean. It is actually considered as an island country because it is a group of islands which form a single united country. It is the closest tourist destination for the people of southern Asia. That is why millions of tourists visit from India, Sri lanka, China, etc. Tourists from other countries also visit Maldives as it provides the best atmosphere for spending vacations and trips with your family, friends or with your loved ones. There are a total of 1200 islands. All of these islands are very beautiful. You can approach to only 300 island but these 300 islands have proved to be enough millions and millions of tourists all around the world.

Maldives is highly dense tourists destination. The country of maldives is the member of SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation), UN ( UNITED NATIONS) and commonwealth organisation. In maldives there are many types of main economic activities like construction, fishing, excursion and tourism. The currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa in locals. But dollars are also widely accepted. 

All the islands of this tropical destination are spreaded over area of 820 kilometres ( 510 miles) , located geographically from North to South  and these islands are about 135 kilometres extended from east to west. The capital of maldives Male is spreaded over 645 kilometres which are 400 miles from SouthWest to Other country Sri Lanka. In Republic of Maldives, this country is also known as Maldives Island. In the north central Ocean of india it the beautiful independent island. It consist of small coral islands and also some sandbank which are all grouped in atolls or cluster. 

Maldives are the perfect series of different atoll built up with ancient volcanic range of mountains as the crown of submerged mountains. In maldives all atoll are low lying, from 6 feet above the level of sea. By nature every atoll is protected from destruction of monsoon season with help of presence of barrier reefs.

● From the month of may to August, the season of maldives is rainy

● From December to March season is dry and with mild winds

● Annual temperature is 75 to 85°C


This full island is encircled with the turquoise aquamarine water with privacy and this island is of low bump in overall distance. In this island we can explore the best luxurious resorts like Taj Exotica Resort. This resort is the top most resort in the world and the spa of Taj exotica resort is much popular. The lagoons of this island is popular with youth crowd because of sports activities. The whole structure of this resort is so much modern with thatched roof villas that boast lines which are particularly crisp, infinity private pools, wooden deck. This resort consists 

● Cuisine of Pan - Asian

● 3 luxurious restaurants

● Top most ranked bars with additional unique wine and additional cocktail 

● Spa - Jiva spa which is inspired by Indians. 

This island is best known for providing a perfect atmosphere for the couples on their honeymoon. It gives the privacy everyone needs when on their honeymoons. It is a very beautiful island most famous for its resorts. You can find one of the best resorts of the world here. Most of td resorts here are 5 star resorts and provides you with such facilities you will never find anywhere in tr world.

So, you must keep EMBOODHU FINOLHU ISLAND on your list when you visit Maldives for a trip or a vacation. This will make you and your loved ones feel special and the memories will stay with you forever.

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