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Edge Restaurant Maldives

Edge Restaurant - Maldives

Maldives is a great place to visit for every  traveller all around the world who loves travelling. It is a kind of place which can be called a treat for them. Tourists from all around  the world visit Maldives and gives priority to Maldives over other tourist places. Maldives provides to the tourists, a great atmosphere to spend their vacations and have a break from their daily hectic schedule. Maldives is a very beautiful country and actually is an island country. It is a group of island which lie on the blue waters of Indian Ocean. These islands are the most fascinating naturally formed islands. These were miraculously formed by volcanic eruptions that took places thousands of years ago. These islands attract trillions of tourists  and are a centre of attraction throughout the world. There are almost 1200 islands consisted by this beautiful island country of Maldives. Despite the number of islands is as huge as 1200, only 300 are approachable or in these 300 islands, you can find some habitat. It can be said about other islands that they are kept preserved by the government or some of them are even dangerous because of the volcanic eruptions, etc. Tourists visit Maldives for the purpose of recreation and take away with them some mind blowing and splendid memories. Geographically, Maldives is considered to be a  special group of islands. These islands form circular structures on Indian Ocean which are known as atolls. The country as a whole is not divided on the basis of districts but is divided on the basis of these atolls. There are 26 atolls in Maldives which consist all the naturally formed  beautiful islands. There are more than 200 islands which can take your heart away and actually you can visit. These are very beautiful that you would wish to visit each and every island of Maldives. 

Apart from the beauty of Maldives and its islands, there are many other things to do in Maldives like shopping, eating, nightlife, etc. The food of Maldives is very popular throughout the world among the tourists and there are thousands of mind blowing eating outs or restaurants which prepare the best food in Maldives. There are many famous restaurants in Maldives. You can find different types of eating outs in Maldives. One of the most amazing restaurant is EDGE.

Edge Restaurant :

Edge is the most different restaurant type of restaurant. It is situated on the Niyama private island and has one of the most peculiar architecture. Niyama island is popular for the types of eating outs there. Some of them are even under water. The Edge is a restaurant which lies on the waters of Indian Ocean. It can be said that it is an over water restaurants. It is also known as the floating restaurant. You get a feeling of having meals in the middle of an Ocean. The edge is famous for its seafoods. You get most of the finest seafood in the Edge. The highlight of its menu is the reef fish of Maldives. The dining place is visited on a beautiful boat and this is the most amazing format you cannot find everywhere.

So, you must keep Edge Restaurant on your list when you visit Maldives. Actually you must keep Niyama private Island on your list and thus when you will visit this island, you must dine in this restaurant because of its conceptual design and architecture. The food tastes so delicious. You won’t be able to stop yourself from literally licking your fingers. The taste of the food will leave you speechless and you will surely like the visit Edge Restaurant.

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