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Dolphin Spotting Maldives

Dolphin Spotting - Maldives

Maldive is located at the ground level of approximately 5 feets ( 1.5 metre) which is level of ground above the sea level.  Maldives is the lowest country. The 80% of the land of maldives is full of colourful corals which are only 1 metres approx above the sea level. Rightly maldives is known as the nation of sea all over the world. Here we see large variety of dead and live corals that act as the main barrier of high waves of ocean.Over 2000 different marine species creates  geophysical structures which are ecological of different marine species.It is an island nation which consists many different atolls. In the Laccadive sea of Indian Ocean it is located and is around 250 miles to the southwest of India. Maldives is full of tourists throughout the year. The most popular and beautiful glistening coastline is of Maldives. This activity is best for honeymoon couples. You will feel amazed by the play of dolphins during sunset. 

Following are the beautiful features of marine life of Maldives :

Reefs of Maldives : In maldives you can see two types of corals that are soft reef and hard reef. Hard coral reef grows in the colonies which are hard and they particularly leave much limestone. Whip coral and fan corals are the type of soft corals and they never leave the structure of limestone. 

Rays: The fascinating class of marine life are rays. Under the more depth of sea these rays glide and fly under the azure clear water. Near some islands you can find many special species of rays like eagle ray, manta ray ( devil fish) and stingray. 

Fishes : Some of the different variety of fishes which are particularly found in the sea of maldives are 

● butterfly fish

● triggerfish

● clownfish

● Moorish Idol

● the Napoleon Wrasse

● Oriental Sweetlip

● angelfish

● parrotfish.

Many larger fishes are also found , such as among the long black corals we can see  long-nose  and with stripes of blue we can see blue-lined snapper. Toothy fearsome barracuda is the largest one. Huge groupers, green sea turtles and hawksbill floats. One of the best thing to do on the trip to Maldives is ‘’ Whale and dolphin watching ‘’. 

Maldives is the top 5th destination in the world for spotting dolphins and whales. Over 200 different species are found in maldives. The common species of the dolphins are the spinner dolphin. Maximum dolphins are found maximum in number in maldives. At night these dolphin feeds, have daily routine to live, in morning comes to atoll and it is easy to find these dolphin as the schedule is so much dependable at anytime of day. So many resorts offers the watch of dolphins and whale from their beautiful large cruises in morning and at night. These also gives the best experience of dinner or lunch while Spotting full marine life. You can watch dolphins playing that is seen by chance. They rejoice with nature which is idle experience. Following are some species which are regularly seen like spe whale, pilot whale, blue whale. Never forget to see the dolphin watch as dolphins are found easily but whale Spotting is not regularly seen, it is seen by chance. We have many types of dolphins present in the ocean of Maldives like 

● Spotted dolphin 

● Spinner dolphin 

● Risso’s dolphin 

● Bottlenose dolphin 

● Rough toothed dolphin 

● Fraser dolphin 

● Striped dolphin. 

Popular Maldivian specialities are Dwarf Sperm whale, tropical Bottlenose whale and Melon headed whale which are frequently seen in the Maldives. To spot these activities of dolphins and whale makes you to feel lucky. Orcas are the rare and magnificent killer whale which is also present their.

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