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Diving In Maldives

Diving In Maldives - Maldives

Official Republic of Maldives is known as Maldives. It is the island country of South Asia and is located in the Indian ocean. Maldives is mainly located at the southwest part of India and Sri Lanka. It consist large chain of atolls from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll  to Addu city. Maldives is the best geographically dispersed country. And its area is small among the other countries of Asia. For its centre location, maldives is also known as ‘’ king’s Island ‘’. Around 99% of the people of maldives are muslim. The local language of Maldives is Dhivehi or Maldivian. 

Here we can explore many different and unique habitats like deep sea, reef ecosystem, dry land, fringing mangroves, shallow coast and wetland. About 187 species of coral reefs are present in maldives. Here we can see many species of marine creatures like 5 unique species of turtles, 450 species of Mollusc and 1120 species of fish. From white sharks to planktonic organisms, the variety of coral reefs vary accordingly. Unique sponges are are found in maldives which are helpful for cancer and anti-tumor pharmacy. Some of the things to do in Maldives are:

● Diving 

● Snorkeling 

● Island hopping 

● Submarine ride

● Historical hike

● Surfing

Sunny side of life is the Maldives. This country welcomes every tourists with beautiful natural views as white sand beaches, azure water, water games and sun set view. Tourist who love to be more outdoor should explore the gateways of maldives. Everyone can do Scuba Diving to see magnificent view of corals, banana reefs and large variety of fishes. You can experience many things from diving into the marine life like diving bluetribe ( Moofushi), large variety of coral reefs, and snorkel reefs. 

Diving in Maldives :

Maldives is special from all over the world because of azure water beaches, clear sky and sea rides. This is the reason this is best place for scuba divers to visit here. Under the deep sea we can see many beautiful coral reefs which have abundance life of marine. From liveaboard many of dives are so drift. You can sew many number of fishes as parrot fish, sweetlips fish, jellyfish, napoleon wrasse, fusiliers and jacks. Maldives is most popular for diving activities as the main best two features that encounter particularly at sites of diving are

● In maldives we can see pinnacles and current channel ( swapped) which acts as the main attraction of Maldives. 

During diving you can explore caverns, 

caves and overhangs which proliferates the soft corals  and many different colourful sponges, invertebrates.  The water of maldives is nutrient rich water with profits all the Gorgonian fans. This water is so clean and fresh as there are also many  cleaning stations which  cleans shrimps and  wrasses from the sea water. 

You can see many pinnacles of different rocks insides the lagoons on Atolls. These pinnacles are also  locally known as Thilas. This is the main beauty of diving in Maldives which jewels the life forms. The water of Ocean reaches up to the walls which thus feeds many corals and sponges which mainly clings on the sides. Pelagics that frequent the country of maldives which includes white sharks, eagle rays and  manta rays. The beautiful things will be found in the shallow under the sea for that you have to experience the divining. The illumination of sun which is so bright by the rays of sun, clear water and different species of fish provides best ideal view for scuba divers. 

Diving season 

The season of diving mainly runs throughout the year. 

The northeast monsoon, when winds from the northeast and  runs from the December end  to May. At this time the skies are blue and  seas are calm. Some of the basic information about the reef summary 

Visibility: 15 to  40m

Depth is  5 to 40m

Condition of Surface:Generally calm

Temperature of Water : 26 - 29°C

Experience level: Beginner - advanced

Number of dive sites: 200

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