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Chaandhanee Magu Maldives

Chaandhanee Magu - Maldives

Maldives is a very beautiful group of Islands. Its is situated on the waters of Indian Ocean. The number of Islands which constitute Maldives is 1200. These are the most beautiful islands you will not find anywhere in the world. When seen while flying over Indian Ocean, you can see the ring like structures formed by these islands. These are known as atolls. The country of Maldives is divided on the basis of thess atolls. There are 26 atolls out of which you can travel to only 11. These provide great scenes of beautiful islands. Millions of tourists visit Maldives as a result of such scenic beauty found in Maldives. There are so many places to visit in Maldives and so many things to do there. Maldives provides you with the perfect  atmosphere for a great vacation. There are a lot of sports activities do which have a marine nature. You can do things like surfing, diving, submarine ride, etc. These are just few marine activities you can do. These things are available on every island of Maldives. 

Maldives is top tourists destination because it has hot tropical climate. In the month of june and july we can find heavy rainfall during these months, thus this overall increases clarity of water which makes Maldives ideal spot for the divers, gor snorkeling and for all the water sports. Winters in the Maldives are so pleasant and you can troll easily for shopping. For shopping winter is a peak season. In the capital of Maldives Male, tourist are seen here in large crowd, these markets in the male attract millions of shopaholics and good quality lovers to shop from these shops. Male is a ergo of tiny city where we can hop from one place to another easily for shopping. All the shops here remains open from sharp 9am to 11pm. Most famous markets of Maldives are Majeedhee Magu and Chaandhanee Magu. 

Chaandhanee Magu :

Chaandhanee Magu is the best market with local and imported goods, here you find all types of jewellery and artifacts. It is one of most popular shopping place in Maldives. In this place you can find large amazing collection of foreign goods and local handiworks. Chaandhanee Magu is also known as Singapore bazaar, particularly here you will find all imported items. It is located in centre of maldives capital North Male Atoll, Maldives. You can visit here everyday. It is open from 9am to 11pm every day. The main speciality of this market is that you can find mat with many geometric design known as Thudu kona,  miniature boat of wood and many hand woven items. 

Chaandhanee Magu is a place where you can find anything and everything. You can find the local products as well as imported products. It is famous all around the Maldives for its foreign products. You can find an item from almost every major country of the world. It operates from for the whole day and remains shut for the night. The tour of this market will.be amazing and you will surely take home many things from this market. The prices here are very reasonable and you would easily be able to afford it.

So, you must keep a visit to Chaandhanee Magu on your list when you visit Maldives. Visiting Maldives and not shopping there will be a shame as you can find the best things to buy in the markets of Maldives. Travelling with our packages and you want to go to Chaandhanee Magu, you will be provided the transportation to this market and separate time will be kept for this visit.

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