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8 Nights And 9 Days Maldives Tour Packages

Visiting Maldives is a treat and we make it possible for you to visit Maldives economically and comfortably by provided mind blowing tour packages to Maldives. Here we will discuss the day wise packages for Maldives. We have 8 nights 9 days tour packages for Maldives.

8 nights 9 days tour packages for Maldives:

These packages are considered to be best if you want to explore Maldives fully. This is worth going to Maldives for this much time. We provide in these packages, the necessary services like travelling, lodging and transportation. The day wise chart that will be followed in these packages is:

Day 1 and night 1:

On the first day, you will arrive at the Male from where you will be transported to the booked luxurious hotel of your choice. There you will be served with great food and then you can see the scenic beauty from you balcony of your and relax. On this day, no travelling program will be included on the day as well as night as you will be at the hotel for rest because you will be jet lagged.

Day 2 and night 2:

On this day, you will be feeling great and ready for starting the trip and exploring the beautiful islands or atolls of Maldives. You will go to many places and you will also get introduced to the nightlife of Maldives. You will be made to do snorkeling in Addu City and diving in Sun island. The visit to these places will make you feel sporty.

To enjoy the nightlife of Maldives, there are so many beautiful and rocking bars and pubs. To start with, Jazz Nights is a perfect place where you will be taken on this night. Here you will enjoy jazz music and some fine traditional dancing performances.

Day 3 and night 3:

This day will be meant for some historic viewing of Maldives. You will go to the National Museum of Maldives. Here you will find all the ancient artistic beautiful masterpieces from the history of Maldives. 

On the night, you will go to Club Med Kani. This is considered to be the most electric club of Maldives and full of lights.

Day 4 and night 4:

This day is meant for us to make you taste the food of Maldives. You will take a tour of Maldivian restaurants. Some of them are:

● The Royal Gardens Cafe

● Newport

● Baan huraa

● Shell beans

On this night, you will be taken to the beaches for the glowing lights in which you make a lamp to fly in the sky and it is considered to be a symbol of love.

Day 5 and night 5:

This day will be very adventurous as you will go fishing and boating. This will be done by the beach authorities affiliated with us. On the night, have a private dinner with your wife or family. This will be provided on the beach near your hotel.

Day 6 and night 6:

On this day, you will be taken to Majeedhee Market and le cute. These are the best known shopping places in Maldives. You will get everything here at reasonable prices.

Day 7 and night 7:

On this day you will be taken to:

Baa Atoll: This atoll consists more than 79  island that are inhabited. Only 5 of these islands consists resorts, villas and bungalows. Baa atoll consists mainly three atolls:

           1.Goifulhafehendu Atoll

           2.Maalhosmadulu Atoll

           3.The Fasd

Day 8 and night 8:

On this day, you will spend all your time near Male as your departure place is Male You will be made to explore the major city, the capital of Maldives, Male. Shopping in the Male local Market will provide some great experience and good stuff to take home.

Malls that never sleep will provide some late night shopping option if you want to shop more.

Day 9:

This is the day meant for your departure from Male. This completes our 8 nights 9 days tour packages for Maldives.

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